50 years of Black Sabbath 1970-2020 signatures shirt

I worked along side a woman who had two children, in the same age range as my two boys, all were in high School. My boys were a handful. I was constantly getting calls from the school, and stressing over them, trying my best to do what was right as a mother. Meanwhile, her children were stars and she never let me forget it. Her husband treated her really badly. He was ashamed to be seen with her but she was the main breadwinner, and she had alluded to the fact that he married her to stay in the country. Her life was those kids. Every time something would happen with one of my boys, she’d go into a long dissertation about how good her kids were, blah blah blah. I felt bad for her because I knew it was all she had, and putting me down, made her feel better. She had many failed relationships and had a bit of an obnoxious personality.

50 years of Black Sabbath 1970-2020 signatures shirt

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Then he told me that his school had a policy that you couldn’t graduate if you’d failed a step exam – ANY step exam. All of a sudden, instead of eagerly anticipating matching for a residency, he was (by all appearances) scrambling to try and pass the Step 2 so that he could graduate from AUC SOM. He took the test again and failed it again. He said his time had run out and that AUC had dismissed him. He couldn’t be a doctor anymore, but he still had almost $500k in student loan debts. His family wanted to get a lawyer, but he said it wasn’t worth it. AUC SOM is in St. Maarten, so he’d have to go to the Netherlands to argue his case. Too expensive.
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