Banksy Man Throwing Flowers I can’t help falling in love with you shirt

I loved it when I had to look down, because I was looking right down her tank top and admiring her little titties. I could not see any tanlines, which intrigued me even more. The view and other evil thoughts had me rock hard. I tried to rearrange my cock to make it less obvious, but I couldn’t just hold it out of sight. I think she figured out what I was looking at after a few minutes, because she kind of hesitated and stood up, then looked down at herself and then to my erection. Thankfully, she didn’t call me out on it. She must have known I could see everything to her belly button, which I could.

Banksy Man Throwing Flowers I can’t help falling in love with you shirt

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She got back to work on me for another minute or two, then said “I must be a dope. This dirty shirt is also going to get more dust back into your eye.” So she stood up, grabbed the bottom hem of her tank, and pulled it up over her head. Deb was now topless in her Daisy dukes. Her little titties looked amazing, like little clementines with an eraser tip glued to them. “I figured you might enjoy the view better this way,” she commented. I just sat there with my mouth open, admiring this little bit of heaven. How many 16 year old boys get to see the tits of his oldest brother’s wife??

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