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Our parents had been arguing all afternoon, my father saying hateful, savage words to our mother who slung her own vicious words back. My brother and I hid out in our rooms, waiting for this latest episode of family feud to pass. God only knows why our parents thought it was okay to proceed with that evenings’ plans for a games night at the home of family friends but nonetheless we were called to the car. My brother and I watched from the back seat as our mom walked in front of the family station wagon, approaching the passenger side door. Suddenly, the car lurched forward then jolted to an abrupt stop that left the car violently pitching back and forth. My mother stumbled but I’m still not sure if it was because she was startled or if the car actually bumped her.

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A few years ago i was out in Gibraltar, whilst there i was in a fairly busy pub that the American sailors use to use. Whilst trying to squeeze past a small group of them i bumped into the wall and without thinking i said sorry. The Americans all stopped and looked at me, i heard one say “did that Limey just apologize to a wall?” then started laughing. It was only a little later i realised myself that i had indeed apologised to an inanimate object and it is not the first or last time.

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