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It was December 2017, I was 17, just finished high school, and I was rebounding H A R D. I had met this boy on an app and we had been talking for a couple weeks by this point. We just didn’t have time to hang out for a while because I was finishing up school, and had worked really weird hours that may have him in at 6 am or 6 pm. He never knew. I had finished school first semester, right before Christmas. I texted him that night stoked. He had graduated that May so he didn’t have to worry anymore. I told him since I didn’t have school for another month, we should finally hang out. He was down.

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Unfortunately, my grandma had been in the hospital that night and when she got released, I’d stay with her just to make sure she was okay. The next day, I’d get to go home. Grandma came first in my book, but she never cared if I had guests over. I suggested that he come over there. After talking on the phone for hours, he said he was going to do it. He wanted to cuddle. It was 2 am. Honestly, what was I expecting? To only talk and cuddle? Yes. I was so dumb. So, so dumb. The idea of sex ran through my mind very briefly, but he seemed genuine. If I got hurt in the end, so be it. He was pretty enough for me to be okay with it. I’d obviously deserve it.

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