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I know this place! It is very close to me. I was there this weekend. Right now there are very many beautiful flowers on the Cherry Blossom trees. There are also very many beautiful woman. I think that some of these woman are the prostitutes. I ask if they are the prostitutes but they do not answer. They get angry, they yell, and they run away. You live in the Washington… do you know any prostitutes? What about your wife, is she the prostitute? Would she like to be the prostitute? Do you have daughters? Would they like to be the prostitutes? While dating, we had often gone out dancing and all of the women told me to stay away from him as it was rumored that he’d beaten his first wife to death with a baseball bat!

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Holy Moly, as soon as the I do’s we’re said, I had no idea who he was! He started taking my car to go to “ work”. Liar! His clothes smelled like perfume. Caught him out dancing one night minus me. All of it was my fault of course. It started one night, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a pillow over my face smothering me. I’d fight him off, he’d laugh and say he was messing with me to see how deep asleep I was and what I’d do. Hmmm. Never got to sleep because I’d see him on his hands and knees sneaking across the floor, or beside me with a pillow or flat smothering me again. I finally realized I wasn’t going to get beaten with a ball bat but smothered.

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