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She left the room.30 minutes later… I again called for the nurse and my inhaler. It took another 15 minutes to come in and tell me that she’d looked and it hadn’t come up from the pharmacy yet, but that she’d called for it. So now…we’re an hour and 5 minutes into this. I’m really beginning to struggle to breathe. I called for her again, 15 minutes went by, I called again another 15 minutes went by. This time she came back, with the inhaler and the head nurse. Now we’re at an hour and 35 minutes into this. I can’t breathe well enough to even use the inhaler. I remember looking over my shoulder at some point before the nurse had come back and seeing that my systolic pressure was up to 206, my diastolic was over 100. Pretty quickly I started fading out and started to not respond much

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What made me so angry was that the rapid response team was THE FIRST AND ONLY ONE who had put a stethoscope to my chest! For almost two hours I’m telling them that I CAN’T BREATHE, not the nurse caring for me and not her supervisor had listened to my lungs. I was less than two days from having been taken off the ventilator and no one listened to my lungs. I have a 20 year long undiagnosed lung disease, I have asthma, and I’ve been on 6L of O2 since 2004. They didn’t listen to my lungs because they thought I was JUST having an anxiety attack! Of all the STUPID ASSUMPTIONS, and irresponsible things to do! And yes, It still bothers me.

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