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His friend from earlier came and asked why he was still there and also kept asking for my details he also said he had a big penis but I rolled my eyes. I told him that his friend was talking about my ass and I didn’t like that and he said that’s not how you do it compliment her on her beautiful hair, her eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes. Honestly I just really wanted to be left alone but I was working. Again he was so close to me when they left I couldn’t even look him in the eye because I would be directly facing him – I’m not an awkward person to talk to either. I just faced away from him and just told him to go away and leave and he said to me ‘you’re actually a bitch you know’ and I just said wow you want me to give me my Snapchat but you’re calling me a bitch. He said no I’m just joking I’m actually a nice guy you know ask anyone. I told him he should go for girls his age and he told me they don’t have an ass like me and then he slipped out that he was talking (like dating over social media) to a girl in the year below him.

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He told me how she pretty but he would drop her for me – I told him I really didn’t want to be involved. The conversation progressed he was talking about how our mothers knew each other already so it would be a good match and I think it got to the topics of dads I told him my father wasn’t there and he said I had daddy issues and asked if I was a porn star (intended as a joke). His exam was about to start so he left after I completely turned my back this time and told him to leave. Anyway, I understand that he is a young man and may not understand the severity of his actions if I were to report him (I did tell him he was harassing me but he shrugged that off – maybe because I joke a lot he didn’t take it very seriously; can’t remember whether I said it in a serious tone or not) . In my eyes they are just teenage boys that are at that stage of being sexually charged. I told him I like guys that are older than me and he said ‘so you like to get fucked by guys who go to Uni’.

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